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    @popesz Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue. Using PD extended on a MBP.

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    Is anybody successfully using shaders with syphon? I have been making some pretty cool work flows with PD and syphon but have not been able to get shaders to send syphon video out.

    For instance look at this simple GEM Example. It is not working for me as is but if you delete the syphon object and reopen it works just fine.

    If you can shed some light onto this problem it will be much appreciated.



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    Hello all,

    I have been out of the PD game for a bit. I'm having a problem creating a gem window under 43.4 but not 42.5.

    So my problem is the Gem window creates with a create message but freezes on the first frame (spinning rainbow wheel when mouse is over window.) Not even a 0 message to stop rendering gets through. The only message that gets through at this point is a destroy message to close the window.

    Like I said 42.5 runs great but will not allow me to create a syphonserver so I need to get 43.4 going. Any help and suggestions are appreciated.

    I'm running q Macbook pro 2.7 intel core i7 OS X Mountain lion

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    I'm having a page built for an album that I'm wrapping up. The page looks like a sequencer and I want to make it functional.

    It is an 8 beat sequencer and the GUI for the page is programed in flash. Is it possible to build the pd sequencer and make it run on a web server receiving OSC messages from the flash client (probably using flosc or some other translator.) All of the samples on the sequencer will be chosen by me and not changeable.

    The final step would be to make it render one repetition of the 8 bars. This would allow people to make different mix ups and complete songs with the web page itself.

    Here is an idea of what the flash page will look like. there are only three channels here but it will open up to 8 when you go into play mode.


    Thanks for feedback and suggestions.


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    This is my first post I have been wondering around here for awhile. My first tech project was in multitouch but I'm a musician by nature. I have wanted to do a key-taur VJ battle for awhile now and I'm starting to get it going. The key-taur will only have 5 keys but it will also have a pick pad that uses a fiducial tracker AKA Reactavision to further modulate samples and video. I have attached my first version of the patch and want to know what other people think and how I might be able to improve it.

    I have fiducial tracking manipulating the size of the rectangle the video is textured on right now. It will definetly not be that way in the end.

    We plan to wire up anrduino to drive the buttons and led's on the key-taur. I imagine I will need some help when I get to that part. We want to have a working version of the key-taur in about two months. Also we are thinking about adding an accelerometer for even more modulation capabilities. We plan to make two and our theme is analog versus digital even thought we are not taking that to the maxis. The analog key-taur will be corded but we are trying to make the digital one wireless.

    So print out some fiducials if you don' have a set and give this thing a try.


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    Well this link got me to my solution as I was having problems with dragging options as well. http://puredata.hurleur.com/sujet-10017-click-drag

    I had deleted all PD versions from my computer and reinstalled. I then went to my audio settings disabled everything and then went back in and switched it to my onboard audio inputs and speakers and all worked.

    Weird that this effected the GEM Library?

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    Also just noticed that the messages stay highlighted see screen shot. None of the patches that I have tried even had syphon servers open in them, just to clarify.


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    I have the opposite problem using the accelerometer data from my iphone. everything is jittery because of how many data points are registering. For example .012,.013,.011,.015 all happen in half a second and I'm not moving the controller when these slight changes are being registered.

    How can I thin this data so that only a change from .012 to .095 would be output?

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