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    Hi I am new to this community :) I love PureData and I manage to program something with it which is very satisfying but at the same time very intensive as there is very little documentation about it.

    anywy I often referred to this community which is awesome but I come across a major drawback when trying to work on my project:

    everytime I look for something it always refers to PD-Extended while the version I have is PD-Vanilla.

    It seem like there is a war of the world between the two versions with PD-Extended which fixed many drawbacks of Vanilla but for some reason it's been dismissed. This is from my understanding.

    I see there are lot of things which are missing and are way more difficult in PD-Vanilla and I wonder where should I stand in this case.

    Things like accessing GPIO, sending Instruction to Terminal (Shell), Graphic part (GEM?), general interaction and object are way better in the extended or at least it seem so, including the ability to export as an application.

    For what I understand you should be able to install the same functions in Vanilla but I can't figure out how.

    I don't think this does good to PureData Community especially as it push backs new users from using it. I literally spent days trying to figure out things which where ultra easy with the Extended version.

    Why do we have this situation and what's the greater good in this?

    PureData is an old language for my understanding so what's the issue to discard such an important development and standard as PD-Extended?

    in the guide is says I should be able to download v00-extended to match the versions but it doesn't exists...
    why are we in this mess? Half of the patches in this community don't work in Vanilla :( and I don't know what to use for my development

    thank you and welcome :)

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