• Augustine

    Are there any DAQs that will work with pure data - ideally Id like to read up to 8 channels single ended +/- 1v witha minimjum of 1000 kb/s per channel - any ideas ? Someones done somethig for labjacks u12 I notice but thats very slow....

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  • Augustine

    Hello all - I am following a guide on how to connect the wii to pd here :


    At first everything is fine wmgui connects to the wii fine, loading pd I get :

    wiilib library loaded! (GPLed Yvan Vander Sanden january 2008)
    expr, expr~, fexpr~ version 0.4 under GNU General Public License
    default Wiimote: put into discover mode by pressing buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously.
    default Wiimote: connected.

    It was all going suspiciously well until I had to open the wiimote-help.pd which I could not find , eventually I downloaded this package and used the version found here :


    when I try to "discover" the wii I get this message :

    wiimote: no method for 'report'

    I am not sure whether I need wmgui running at the same time - it seems impossible to succesfully connect that and pd at the same time....
    any help appreciated,

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  • Augustine

    This si great - a question could I read all analogue inputs in realtime into Puredata - could I do this with MAx msp on windows ? Would your external work with any of labjacks other gear ?

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