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    Muchas gracias Bocanegra!

    You have the "mathematician approach" and that is what I lack of! It's so good to have a second pair of neurons to look at your problems :) This is not exactly what I was thinking of but it will do the trick.

    I'm working on an instrument where you have 3 push buttons (that gives you ones and zeros), and like a trumpet, you play different "notes" with the combination of the three, that is why I was thinking of Ones and Zeros. But for example if you have 011, as a number, pd will read just 11, so thanks to your approach, I think I will work with Ones and Twos, as a workaround.
    Gracias de nuevo!
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    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, be kind :D

    I don't know if this is in front of me and I'm blind but I cant find a solution for this without using externals, and other stuff (even though). I've tried lists, pack, etc... and I prefer not to use any external, just core pd 0.51

    Problem: I cant generate a number, let's say 101 from three separate numbers: 1 0 1.

    I need to take three numbers (boolean states from 3 toggles: 0 or 1) and create a "3 bit" number so a [select] object can decide accordingly: If number is 100 do X, if 101, do Y, if 110 do F, if 001 do K, and so on...

    I, knowing a little bit of other programming languages, though it was as easy as "combine all integers from a list creating a string and then apply something like string.ToInteger"... but looks like is not that simple.

    I appreciate any input!

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