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    @EEight i am on mac.. i could use quicktime player but it isnt that good on mac.
    but thanks for the input.

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    I got some interesting patterns i made in ofelia. But how do i render them on my harddisk?
    I tried gem but the externals arent working on my operating system. Is there an object to render those patterns just like audio on harddisk?

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    Hello world!
    I am using Ofelia in Pure Data.
    I created a simple patch with the examples.
    Instead of drawing a circle i drawed a line, which goes on ofwindow.
    But see it yourself inside the patch.
    I don´t know but i opened another pure data patch from the exampels and it started drawing continous lines.
    I used the reqiure vars but the variable names of one lua patch are not like the other lua patch.
    I am very new to lua. Can someone explain me why this is happening?
    ofelia try.pd

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