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    Hi all,
    I am new to pure data, and I want to find out if the project I have in mind is something that can be done relatively easy with pure data or if I have to search for another option. Have in mind that I am not a profesional programmer (altough I do have some experiance with VB.net) and that I would like to see results in about 100 working hours.
    What I want is to create (I did not find anything created yet) a patch that can recieve Artnet commands to display video files. I´ve been testing VTP7 (max based) these weeks, but this does not accept Artnet commands as an input (so I have to convert them first in MIDI) and it stucks when I try to run larger video files (896x448px). Furthermore VTP7 has many options that I do not need since I want to control all from my lighting desk.
    I have been searching for the main parts of this patch (Artnet_in and (multi) video display) but without any luck. I don´t expect anyone to directly solve this issue for me, but I hope that someone can tell me if Pure Data is the right tool to achieve my goal and (if so) where to start.

    Thanks in advance and a happy 2017 for all!

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