• 2pacco

    Hey Guys.
    I have a subpatcherwich i can't open.
    its working fine, it does its job. but now i want to access on some stuf inside and i dont reach it.
    when i click on the patcher it is appering on my task bar.


    but there is nothing actualy opening, no window...

    some of you already had a problem like this?

    cheers pacco

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  • 2pacco

    thank you that works fine.
    i found a even simpler soplution with gate.


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  • 2pacco

    Hey guys
    I have a very strange problem right now.
    i have 3 dataflow strings passing through a route object using
    three |x set $1( messages.
    it looks like this.
    Pd bug.PNG

    so far no problem as you see the numbers come out of the route object as they supposed to.
    but if i now want to go on working with the numbers the flow stops.


    i have no idea why this could be.
    connecting things directly to the route object works fine. working with the data before the route object is also no problem.
    but in the second instance after the route object the flow stops abrupt.

    someone has an idea?

    cheers tupac :)

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  • 2pacco

    hey cairie.bird where do i find the StandartFirmataV_02 thing?
    its not in the firmata folder b hans christoph steiner right?

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