I would like to understand two args of fiddle [amp-range< & [reattack<

  • [amp-range 40 50 <

(amp value are in RMS)
the help file said : "50 is a minimum at which "cooked" outputs may appear"
but in my experience the cooked pitch are outing even if the amplitude of input sig is below this high threshold .

by experience
*1st threshold : if amplitude input sig is below this value then fiddle don't output values (even for raw data)
*2nd threshold had an effect on the attack outlet : this outlet give bang only if the amp of input signal is upper this threshold (50)

  • [reattack 100 10<

with the help file I understand this : if during 100 ms a second attack appear with an amp augmentation of min 10 dB, then the bang outlet will send a bang.. if the augmentation is less, no output will be sent

I try with noise~, 1st attack (0 ms, 0.1 linear amp), 2nd (150, 1).
with [reattack 111 1< two bang
witht [reaattack 120 1< one bang
I don't get it...