Hold down "A" key to record into loop1, it will re-size itself and loop2 based on how long you recorded into it. Pressing down "A" will also reset everything and start over.

Hold down "G" key to record into loop2 (at current playback position of loop1). This guy you can keep stacking riffs forever. If you mess up on loop2 but want to keep loop1, Pressing the "L" key will clear only loop 2.

"Enter" will toggle on and off Loop 2. Great for turning on and off while jamming to switch from "verse" to "chorus". You can also click on the bang to restart loop1 if you want to feel like a DJ.

Then I threw in a distortion pedal for funzies, toggled by the "+" key.

Patch here:

Looping Station 2.0.pd
If you mess up