Hello all,

I've been searching online for several days, and can't seem to find a solution to this annoying little bug: dark textures sometimes appear with a small (perhaps 1 pixel wide) white border at the edge, which is very apparent when applying the texture to a rectangle, and then rotating the rectangle against a dark background.

I found this chain from the GEM-dev list, in which several people mention this workaround:

the workaround is to e.g. set "repeat" mode and/or the "quality" mode of
texture. you can apply a global defaul by adding lines for "texture.quality" and
"texture.repeat" to your gem.conf;
something like:
texture.quality 0

Alas, I've looked far & wide, both in the documentation & online, for any info about how to locate & edit a gem.conf file, but I can't find anything. I'm not very experienced with coding, but I'm hoping this might be a simple fix to anyone who knows how to find & edit gem.conf?

Incidentally, I'm using PD 0.43.4-extended on Mac OS X 10.7. I tried installing the latest Gem release (actually, not sure how to find out what version of Gem is pre-installed in PD 0.43.4), but the bug is still present in that version.

Thanks in advance for any insight!