oggread fails on windows x64

I get:

Users/Test.ogg" opened
oggread~: error: could not open "C:/Users/Test.ogg" as an OggVorbis file
oggread~: file closed due to error

I cant get it to work no matter what path I give it. There are several others having the same problem, who are saying that its possible to get it working by rebuilding the "oggamp~.dll" in "\pd\extra\pdogg"

However, then I'm completely stumped as to how to build PD on windows (to get this dll). I'm following the tutorial here


But the tutorial seems really old, because the latest version of MinGW does not include those menu items suggested in the tutorial. In fact it's so different I cant even get past the first instruction.

Are there any good tuts on how to install MinGW on windows? Im going round in circles here...