Here is a set of effects for guitar (or anything, I suppose) that I've been working on lately. Everything is my own work with the exception of the reverb, which is just an implementation of [freeverb~] + knobs until I decide to make my own. Included are:

  • Envelope-following Wah
  • Ring-modulator
  • Tremolo
  • Step-sequenced tremolo
  • Flanger
  • "Deca-Delay" (uses 10 instances of [delread~] with variable time separating each one, and volume for each)
  • A more standard delay
  • Soft-clipping distortion which averages [clip~] and the unaltered signal
  • Reverb
  • (also a vocoder that doesn't work yet - advice welcome!!!)

Everything is arranged in a predetermined order just for the sake of having a simple layout, but I should note that it's sometimes fun to reroute the tremolo effects prior to the envelope wah, as it gives a cool LFO wah effect.

Questions, comments, criticism, insults all welcome

Guitar Effects2.pd