Hello forum,

I have a big problem with the [pix_record] and the [pix_video] objects. When I write a sequence of images from my webcam to a mov file it generates a strange cropped video. The output file shows only the half of the webcam image in the top left, the rest of the picture is filled with green color (see attached image). The recording works perfectly fine with my thinkpad, but with my eeepc it produces this failure. Both laptops run ubuntu 14.04. The [pix_record] object outputs the same codec information on both systems:

[pix_video]: backend #0='v4l2' : v4l2 analog
[pix_video]: backend #1='v4l' : v4l analog
[pix_video]: backend #2='dv4l' : dv4l dv
[pix_video]: backend #3='dc1394' : dc1394 iidc
[pix_record]: backend #0='QT4L'
[pix_record]: backend #1='V4L'
[pix_record]: backend #2='V4L2'

I tried it with every codec, but only the QT4L codec doesn't crash pd-extended.

Why is it working with my thinkpad and not with my eeepc? Does somebody know how to fix it?

Thank you in advance :thumbsup: