This is a very simple patch that DISTORTS your guitar (or any other instrument, or input, that you want), but it does so in the following way:

  • if you play pp (pianissimo), the sound will be pp and distorted.
  • if you play ff (fortissimo), the sound will be ff and distorted.

Let's explain it differently: you'll have distortion but at the same level as your input, i.e. NOT louder than what you played, as is usually the case. Well, at least, we roughly approximate to that ideal.

As you can imagine, this allows for expressive dynamic playing (or processing).

Expressive Distortion (by transfer function).png


  • Warning: if you don't have much experience with Pd, spend a couple of minutes and make sure your system or headphones cannot output loud sounds.

Expressive Distortion (by transfer function).pd

Extra info:

The origin of this patch is in the following thread:

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I have uploaded a similar patch here:

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Cordially, Landon