A really simple GOP subpatch made with an f-tagged number box inside, can allow you to understand better or debug all sorts of things. It's exactly like [ f ] but you can see the stored number...that's the whole point. A GUI float...which you can later delete if you don't want it anymore. Simple but it can multiply your headaches by 0.5.

The important thing here is the idea not the complexity or simplicity of the object. Maybe some of you have already do this. And, in fact, you can make variants of this object...for example a GUI [+], a GUI [-], a GUI [*], and so on.

It still looks good when you increase the font size from 10 to 12, hopefully.

Notice it's a GUI subpatch, not a GUI abstraction. But you can convert it into a rabbit, if that's what you want. As I said above, the really important thing here is this simple concept.