I'm trying to get some realtime partitioned convolution going in PD extended. I have longish impulse responses, so FIR~ is not an option. I at one point HAD [bsaylor/partconv~] working (26 individual realtime convolutions of 32768 length) but today it won't run, just crashes pd every time. I have tried changing partition size, buffer size (PD audio settings), and a host of other things, but it always just crashes after around 5 seconds. no way to find out what happened. I had it running with pd block size set to 2048, partition size in the partconv~ object set to 512, block size in the subpatch where partconv is set to using switch~ to 128 , and latency in audio settings to 50 ms. These settings had worked before but not now. I'm using only inlet/outlet between subpatches with different block size.

Should this work, or was I just hallucinating when it worked for 10 minutes before? Is there any way to debug this? Would recompiling have any chance to help? The external is a few years old and I am on a 64 bit Windows 7 platform.