Hi, everyone.

I recently came into possession of an original Xbox for free. I did a softmod, and got it working with emulators and that type of stuff. But what I really want is to get Linux working so I can run PD on it.

My broader issue is that resources for using linux on original XBoxes have dried up. Outdated guides, expired domains, and download links 404ing. I've managed to get some stuff working, but issues persist. I got xDSL running, but apt-get install puredata won't work. Getting dependencies is tricky, because the repos are old. Updating the repo locations helps, but doesn't get me all the way there. On and on. I tried switching my efforts to Xebian, but that looks like its going to need a little elbow grease as well.

I was looking for an older version of Dynebolic, which supposedly has Puredata included. But I can't for the life of me find a working link for v1.4 (the last version that supported the original XBox).

I know specific guidance might be a little much to ask. But I wanted to know if anyone had successfully pulled this off in the past, and if there was any general advice that might help me along. Distros that worked for you? Methods for installing/running Pd? Things to look out for?

It would be great to make this thing a little Pd box instead of just donating/re-selling it. Any wisdom from someone who has pulled it off?