Hi ,

I am currently trying to write Android program to be able to track beats/tempo using this PD-aubio + PD and PD-for-android program.

I was using PD-for-Android code (I modified to use fiddle~) for doing beat detection but it was not very useful, so I want to use aubio for this purpose.

Looking at the code on below link or pd-aubio webpage unfortunately I couldn't figure out way to make it work with PD on windows and PD-for-Android

I tried multiple ways to build aubio and PD-aubio but without any success.

I am a technical person but not too familiar with libraty creation/linking or JNI for that matter.

What I want to do is this

  1. Add Aubio as library to my windows PD executable so that I can test it's effectiveness on windows as well as create a .pd file which I will use as input to my Android program to read and execute PD commands on

  2. Add Aubio as library to my PD-for-Android java program so I can actually use smartphone to detect beats.

Unfortunately just getting basic pd-aubio compillation has been difficult on windows. I tried detailed instructions by middlepedal on this link
http://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/967/problem-compiling-external-on-windows/5 and it works for helloworld but not for PD-Aubio.

If you can help me with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do it, I would really appreciate it.