Hi everyone,
I'm having an issue opening files in the pdrd (Miller Puckette's awesome repertory project)...
It can be found here: http://msp.ucsd.edu

The issue I have is that, I can't get some of the objects to open... There are multiple versions in the patch, for ppc, fat, i386, ia64, etc... My computer is a 2011 MBP, and I want it to open the fat version.

But it will only open the ppc version, and then claim it's the wrong architecture (because it is)...

Is there something I need to turn on to get pd to talk with fat binaries? Or does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

I have everything set up fine in the search path, and it is finding the object (but only the ppc version).

Any suggestions??? It seems like PD is wanting to do things old-school w ppc!

(nb. I'm a long time max user, but this is my first go with PD. I really like it so far, except for this little issue... but if I get it solved, I reckon I'll probably migrate to PD for everything I do...)