Hi all,
I've built a complex music program in pd which is triggered by tracking my movements on a grid. It used to operate with a webcam, but I've moved to Kinect. I've got it all working, and for pulsing at a steady tempo it works. But when I use the other setting to so that it tracks, and pulses notes at semi-quavers, quavers etc (much faster, but quantized), it jitters really badly. (I know this is a similar prob to taming data for HID inputs in another thread).

I'm acquiring the kinect data thru processing (yes its indirect, but that 's the system I finally got working), which sends via OSC to pd. I've even tested it over my LAN, between computers. Now I made a simulator program in Processing, that just dumbly sends wandering data in the right range, to test its reception in Pd - no problem, no jittering! So I separated it over 2 computers and same problem.
CPU use looks fine. I've tried different data rates - framerates in Processing.
I'm baffled!
any help would be appreciated,