This is not about GEM, so it may be in the wrong section.

okay, so I don't really have any issues with audio. Everything sounds great, low latency. The issue that I am having is that the canvas screen is lagging behind as I try to manipulate objects about and do my thang.

Now, I figure this has something more to do with the way that I have my OS set up to hang out with pd-extended. I doubt it's the software.

What puzzles me is (and I'm reaching out my love tendrils for some linux users, here) I just built this compo rig, and it is blazing fast. My OS runs lightening fast. It can multitask like a wizard. Do 3D junk. Dope Sound Card. Lightening Dope. Solid State. 8GB Dual-channel. AMD quad-Core w/ Radeon built-in graphics. I love it. ASUS Xonar Sound. I've built up a nice and easy Arch Linux system, with KDE-base Desktop Enviro.

It's all so solid. Except for PD.

I cannot find the right combonation of symbols and smileys to emote how frustrating this is . . well, its not. 'til just now, while I was trying to locate the right smiley--then, it got frustrating. But seriously, I would like to improve the speed of my PD instance.

What could be the deal?

I am using JACK Audio Connection Kit to orchestrate all my sound software and hardware, and it works quite well--as I said, it all sounds great!

It is initiated through ~/.xinitrc in Real-Time mode:

jackd -R -dalsa -dhw:0 -p256 &

It could be that I'm not using this -p modifier to my advantage.

Gosh, maybe I need to set the priority via the launcher with which I start pd-extended. Hmmm . . I attempt to chage the Priority setting through the System Monitor, but it does not seem to make any improvements. I am somewhat, stumped.

And, I want my PD experience to be more smooth, and fluid. Faster!

THANKS & [gratitude~]