So the idea behind this patch is a question of what would happen if you took an ideal harmonic series, and sequenced all the partials to play in rhythmic divisions that corresponded to their 'magic' number. For example, the 3rd partial (second harmonic) will play in a rhythm of 3 to 1 to the first partial (fundamental). And then, what would it be like if there were 32 partials, and you could make the fundamental glide, and you could change the attack and decay of the partials?

I spent my last year in undergrad developing this patch into a pretty robust version and included a sequencer that could sequence everything from turning on and off the harmonics to making the generator play a melody. That version of the patch is still pretty sketchy and awkward to program, but it works, and i can share it if anyone is interested.

For now, though, here is the PR32 light. Go ahead and play around with it. Push all the buttons, and open all the pd boxes to see what's inside.

Ask me questions, break it, do what-ever, I just hope you enjoy!