First post here but I've been reading this forum for a while now, here's my problem :

I'm receiving data from an IMU (accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer). This sensor is connected to a raspberry Pi, sending data over ethernet (UDP), I coded the software on the raspi using C++. I'm running Pd extended 0.43.4, on a mac with Maverick 10.9.3, and receiving these UDP packets.

It works well until some point. When I increase the data rate transfert above 500 Hz(I want to have something like 1kHz sensor sampling), the object udpreceive freezes PD. Same with netreceive. My patch works flawlessly when this rate is under 500 Hz, and freezes everything when it's above.

When it freezes, if I stop sending data, they suddenly appear at once,and in disorder, on the console. That makes me think of some kind of buffer problem, that maybe cannot manage the data fast enough...

The problem is coming from udpreceive and netreceive, when I bypass all my subpatches and just connect this first object, I still have this freezing issue.

I tried to send smaller packets, but at higher frequency, or bigger packets...I still have this limit around 500 packets per second.

I've been looking for a while now, couldn't find something similar on the web.

Any help please.