Hi everyone,
this is my first post!

This is the FM synth I made with Pd.

Package Content:

  • RCPNT-FM-0.1.pd - Frequency Modulation Synthesis Unit
  • help-control.pd - help for controllable parameters
  • midisbrani - map your midi CCs and send values to your <receive> objects
  • oscsbrani - map your OSC parameters and send values to your <receive> objects
  • RCPNTlemur-intclock - "RCPNT-FM" Lemur template with internal clock (still buggy)
  • RCPNTlemur-extclock - "RCPNT-FM" Lemur template with external clock sync

The lemur template features a step-seq (which you can sync to an ext midi clock), step-based musical mode selection, and drawable envelopes.

I really hope you ll find this useful and fun to play!