Hello everybody, this is my first post.

I'm trying to build a vanilla convolver using the frequency delay line technique which is described in these two papers:



I'm currently running 8 partitions, all of with a blocksize of 4096 and an overlap factor of 4 and I've wired it together as it's described in the diagrams and in the paper. I am however not getting satisfactory results. The signal is resynthesised by the rifft~ but it's hardly what I'd call convolution.

I can think of two errors that I might have done. The first is that I neither zero-padded the input signal (how do you even zero-pad a live audio stream?) nor the impulse response. The other thing I might have got wrong is that somehow I've chosen a somewhat erroneous way of adding together the output again.

Being on a relatively modest level of DSP knowledge myself I hope someone here can shed some light on this.

You can find my patch attached to this post.

Thanks in advance.


You will find the partitions inside the subpatch pd FDL_Convolver. There are comments in there too which explains what each part does.