I want to be able to get webcam stream into PD using GEM but PD just crashes to desktop when I bang the [create( message to gemwin.

If I call [devices( on pix_video it finds 1 webcam (on my laptop) and the name is correct. I can set dimensions, change colorspace etc. but when I call [create( on gemwin it just quits to desktop.

I thought maybe I'd done something wrong so I just tried the example in the [pix_video] help patch but this crashes it too.

I only have 1 patch open at a time with [pix_video] so it's not that I'm calling it from 2 different sources.

I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit if that makes any difference :-/

If anyone has any ideas what could be going on, it would be great to hear.

Thanks for your time.