Hi all,

We are a team of 10 from University of Utah. This past year we have been working on a DJ music game. We are using PD as our audio engine, Unity3D as the game engine, and KalimbaPD as our 'glue' between both. This is the link to our video:

And this is where you can download our game: http://www.thevinylgame.com/early-alpha-access/

Vinyl, our game is DJ music game where the player's own music creates play and audio/visual feedback. Each obstacles will activate three different filters that make the music sounds bad:

  • distortion
  • pitch shifter
  • oscillation

There is also a filter which gives multiplier. At the moment we have two different filters for different genre:

  • chorus (for classical and hip-hop)
  • phaser (for electronic)

The music will also changed based on the score. If player doing well, then we will enhance the music. There are three different filter we use to enhance the music based on the genre player chose during gameplay. The genre is (classical, rock, jazz, and hiphop). And if player doing bad, we are going to make the song sound like early 80s vinyl record.

All these filter are designed by ourself and we are not sure if that's the best for what we want to achive. We would like to receive your feedback.

Thanks a lot,
The Vinyl Game