I am new to making externals and generally "non-visual" programing,
and I would like to do the following:

  • write a signal to a table, in a pd patch - OK
  • read from the table with my external. - hm....

I saw the d_array.c file, and can understand, more or less, how to "connect" to a table, but the thing I cannot figure out, is how to get the position of the table that is being written to.
Lets say, the table is 1000 samples long. What sample is tabwrite~ at, on any given time? How can I get that info ?
I want to read parts of the signal being recorded, in various speeds, thous creating the possibility to read over the point that is being written, resulting to "clicks" possibly.

Is this the right approach, or should I make my external have its own array ( about 3 seconds long) ?
And on that, I couldn't find the table src code, so, how should I create a sample array?
Is this correct "t_sample myBuffer[132300] ; " (132300 sample in 3 secs, for 44.1K sr)

Sorry for the amount of questions, I am really trying to get my head around this...
Thank you in advance,