Hi there,

I'm having some trouble with the Pmpd library. When I open any of the examples (e.g. 02_string.pd) I get error messages like this:

link $0-link 0 1 1
... couldn't create
mass $0-mass 30
... couldn't create

Also adding paths:
tried /home/dimaug/pd-externals/mass.pat and failed
tried /usr/local/lib/pd-externals/mass.pat and failed
tried /usr/lib/puredata/tcl/../extra/mass.pat and failed
tried /usr/lib/pd/extra/mass.pat and failed
mass $0-mass 30
... couldn't create

So either they're incorrectly named or I'm missing some objects. I tried renaming, but how would I know what has to be renamed what, and it seems absurd that a library would come with incorrectly named objects. Then, even opening some of those objects will give me the same kind of errors as they refer to some other objects that can't be found under such name.

So is it something in my path settings, is it a naming problem or should I download something else?