A patch for GEM that reads text from on file and separates it over two gemheads. The idea is to have one source textfile and to display different parts of the text on different lines at the same time or subsequently. Because it has one source file the text stays in sync.
Work in progress so any comments for improvements please. (see Pixel forum) For instance I am still looking for a way to have an automatic line break. A nice GUI will come later.
Explanation text within patch:
Use [qlist] to separate text and send it to 2 different gemhead's. The textfile needs specific formatting: Bang= causes the messages to be send with times given in milisec (before destination symbol) So messages in txt file should look like this: <milliseconds> < destinationAA> <Actual display text1>;
<milliseconds> < destinationBB> <Actual display text2>;
etc. If the timing of the second message is <0> it will be send at the same time as the first message, showing up on screen at the same time.
Alternative: To use a metro for timing messages: bang first the [read textfile(, then [rewind( then [next(. BUT the timing given in txt file is ignored. Each message separated by a semicolon will get the same timing, so each time only one line of text changes. The loop back from qlist causes a repeat sending of the list after completion.
Happy projecting....