Bonjour !

It is not that "_know what _doing", it is just that "_want to experiment" - as everything all around is growing for 64bit to day. So :

  1. When I launch this 64bit there is this red :
    Users/[blabla]/Pure Data/Pd-extended dlopen(/Users/fdiMac/fdiMac apps/AUDIO apps/Pure Data/Pd-extended, 10): Symbol not found: _TclFreeObj
    Referenced from: /Users/[blabla]/Pure Data/Pd-extended
    Expected in: dynamic lookup

  2. Incidentally, when I come to "Get Info" for this file, I read :
    Kind: Application (32-bit)
    …. and more.

Could someone help to go on with this 64?-bit application ? And Mountain-Lion 10.8.5 by any chance.