I'm still learning my way around this stuff -- but haven't found a good interface for introducing specific numbers. The typical patch format lacks a keyboard or a good place to put one. Aside from inlets & outlets & send-tos, I'm not sure how to make a patch display short of getting into Gem...

So what I've got is basically two patches, one calling the other to keep things tidy. [Someone else might rearrange this in a simpler format?] You copy the cluster of stuff from onenum.pd; this needs ro.pd [ie "readout"] in the path to put the number you've produced [0-129] into the number box where it displays.

To get the actual number output, you'd connect to the outlet on that box labeled 'ro'.

Useful for Midi etc?

[one row horizontal radio box, size 13, X10 to handle 0-120 ] plus [next row is a size 10 radio box to provide the ones digit.]

[ro object to process that neatly off-stage, number box for display.] fits into the unused space at the lower right.

new version on same patch does numbers 1-9999 via four size 10 radio boxes; copy that cluster instead wherever that range is more useful.