I run a small DIY record label and I am taking video submissions for a DVD compilation I'm putting together. It's mainly digital art / glitch / noise video & sound. If anyone's doing any cool PD work, I'd love to check it out. I work with PD a lot for audio but have never delved into the video side of things.

Here's the info on the compilation:

Bicephalic Records is putting out an open call for video submissions for a DVD noise/music video compilation. I am interested in modern digital & abstract video art, databending, etc. Audio genre is open, though I'm primarily interested in glitch electronics, electro-acoustic experiments, drone, harsh noise, etc. I will choose the videos I think are the best to be on the DVD so send your best material. If there are enough submissions I may end up expanding this into multiple volumes or as a series. Not sure on the numbers yet, but likely will be started as an edition of 100, with 3 copies given to each contributing artist.

Here are some examples of my own work:




Submit video file (preferably AVI or Mpeg2) via online download service, ftp, etc. to A[at]Bicephalic[dot]net or email me if you want to mail in a hard copy. (Note: These formats are the ones I'm most familiar with converting. If you use other formats, it's probably fine, but I'm just trying to minimize unwanted effects to the videos. If you need to, check out a program called Handbrake; it's a free, open source video converter.)

video styles = digital video art, abstract, databending etc.

audio = glitch, drone, noise, etc.

length: 5 minutes maximum

Deadline : 1 January 2014