Hi after long trying, I've just managed to send wiimote data from GlovePie to PD using the BroadcastOSC command in GlovePIE and [import mrpeach], [udpreceive] and [unpackOSC],

However I'm still having some trouble:

* Quite often the values I get in PD are considerably different from those shown in GlovePIE (sometimes they coincide for a while or a given position)
* I never get negative numbers in PD although they're supposed to be sent from GlovePIE.

I've got the feeling tho problem is in glovePIE rather than PD, but if there is anyone out there having experience with wiimote and PD running under Windows I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed, alternatives to glovePIE, hints, links to manuals or examples, etc. Another concern is stability.

I'm running PD extended on W7 and GlovePie 043 (since 045 is not running on my machine) and using the built in bluetooth on my ASUS N76V notebook.

Thank you in advance.