I'm working with a choreographer using an arduino-wifly accelerometer and Pure Data. The dancers movements are used to generate or trigger sounds.

Sometimes, as I can't "guess" the accelerometer readings, I write them down using tabwrite, have a look at the data and then I write the "trigger patch" identifying that particular motion.

It would be really helpful if I could capture video synchronously (or fixed delay) with the accelerometry data to assign actual readings to given moves.

Being new to GEM a little bit in a hurry (and also not a very brilliant programmer) I would like to know:
1. If it is worth it to dig into GEM now
2. If I can get enough frame rate (25Hz or maybe even less should suffice)
3. If there are faster/easier solutions (using an external grabber and somehow link it to PD) for me to solve this particular problem.

Thanks in advance