hi there

I want to use pd to analyze realtime-audio and maybe send the information via OSC to the blender game engine. In essence I want to create something for visualizing real-time-music.
I tried out processing for a short while, but because I have no programming background and therefore was completely overwelmed by java, I thought maybe I should give node based programming a try. What i found was max/msp, vvvv, and pd. Since pd is like an open source version of max/msp, and I feel that there are more possibilities than in vvvv, I want to get into pure data.

Now, I realize this is not something I just can ask "tell me how to specifically to that, because that's the only thing i want", I know this will take some time, but I kinda dont know where to start, and it would be nice if you can overlook my rough roadmap to my final goal, and maybe "push" me in the right direction, or add any hints you might have for an honest newcomer.
While I stumbled upon some patches that do audio analysis, I really want to get into it, so I'll be able to do this on my own some day.

My rough roadmap:

  • Do as many tutorials as possible, to learn what is possible, and how things are done, and what all the "nodes" do
  • review bonk~ and fiddle~ which I stumbled upon earlier, but do not know what to to with them, read up on fft
  • (be able to) analyse existing patches that do audio-analyzing
  • be able to detect beats, amplitudes, frequencies or even different parts of a frequency graph, and write my own uber-analyzing patch
    -use real-time values to make fancy visualizations either in pd, or via osc in the blender game engine
    -eternal happiness

As ressources for tutorials and documentations i found the following:

I would be really thankful, if you had anything to add to my "roadmap" or any ressources I have overlooked, especially with my interest in audio-analysis.

My background is more of a hobby 3d-animation thing. I once tried doing visualization to music with cinema4d (), but I think real-time would be much cooler.

thanks in advance
alex, off to the tutorials

\\Edit: I just realized that maybe I should have posted this in "technical issues"? sorry about that.