I've created a simple text-based escape the room game in Python, with the intention of embedding a Pure Data patch (via libPd) in order to playback a different soundfile (this will later be replaced with an algorithm for generative music) for each of my different rooms.

The python code I'm currently working with was taken from one of the examples in the libPD github. It is as follows -

import pyaudio
import wave
import sys
from pylibpd import *

p = pyaudio.PyAudio()

ch = 2
sr = 48000
tpb = 16
bs = 64

stream = p.open(format = pyaudio.paInt16,
channels = ch,
rate = sr,
input = True,
output = True,
frames_per_buffer = bs * tpb)

m = PdManager(ch, ch, sr, 1)

while 1:
data = stream.read(bs)
outp = m.process(data)


The pure data patch simply plays back a pre-rendered wav file using readsf~, however the resulting output sounds almost as if it has been bitcrushed. I'm guessing the problem is to do with the block size but am not sure.

If anyone has experience in embedding lidPD within Python I'd be greatly appreciated as I'm sure what I'm trying to achieve is embarrassingly simple.

Thanks in advance, Cap