Hi everybody!

I've been diving into Pure Data for the last couple weeks and really love it! I actually came across PD about 10 years ago...it was intriguing but I didn't know what to do with it. At the time I was a jazz bass player with no programming skills.

Fast-forward to now--I write & record a lot of music, am interested in sound design, video, art installation. I also picked up a little Ruby, Python and HTML/CSS along the way. So now it's beginning to come together.

Also I must say that PD has really progressed...gone is the funny-looking TCL/TK window, and it works well for me on both OSX and XP (minus ASIO). Plus the tutorials by Miller, Andy Farnell, Rafael Hernandez, Johannes Kreidler, and the FLOSS manual are remarkable resources.

Hope to keep learning, and to contribute to this community!