I have a patch that record a very short video from from the webcam (using [pix_video]) and store it in a [pix_buffer] object. Then it loops this video, reading with [pix_buffer read] and a timer (a bit likethis: [metro 50]/[f] /[+ 1]/ [mod 20] ) for the frame position.

before, I used to record directly with [pix_record] then play with [pix_film], but the recorded video had very poor FPS compared to the [pix_buffer] method.

Now I still wish to save the content of my [pix_buffer] everytime I record something,

but when I link it to a [pix_record] it saves only a still frame footage thgough [pix_buffer_read] frame position is moving.

So my first question would be, is it possible to record the content of a [pix_buffer] as a video without loosing a frame ?

If so, how to ? :)

Or maybe I should record as many .jpg pictures as they are frames and play them with some loop ?

If not, do you have opinions on different techniques or way to improve a direct [pix_video] to [pix_record] solution ,

thanks !