Hi there, I'm really new to using PD, so I'd appreciate it if people could give me a step-by-step solution to this problem.

My goal right now is to connect my old Nintendo Gamecube DK Bongos (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DK_Bongos) to my computer and make something with it. First step, getting it to talk to my computer. I even bought a Gamecube to USB port adapter to connect it to my computer. I've been researching this topic for weeks with no luck and any leads I've found either have no source code attached or the webpage produces an error.

I worked with an open source library in MAX/MSP for using the Novint Falcon a few months ago and a professor of mind recommended trying out PD since it's pretty much identical so I've been slowly learning the basics (Please note I am not well versed in either MAX/MSP, nor PD so I have much learning to do). Recently, however, I have found out that the HID object might yield results in this and one user that did hack the bongos used a similar "HI" object in MAX/MSP.

I found this tutorial to help learn how to use HID objects. It's similar to what I want to do, since they're using a video game controller as well. However, I can't seem to get past the first few steps. When I connect all my parts featured in the first 2 minutes of the tutorial and print out my results, it doesn't seem to detect my DK Bongo controller at all! I've even tried looking up different device settings and nothing. Plugging and unplugging has proven useless and there's no change.

I'm willing to try and figure out parts of this on my own, but I've tried things and googled this and I can't find an answer. Does anybody know why my HID object is not detecting my controller?