The D-TWO rhythm delay is a delay where instead of tapping the delay time, you tap a rhythm, and your audio gets delayed in that pattern.

For along time I've been wanting to make a version that gets it's rhythm from midi.
You play a rhythm on your midi device, the velocity gets translated to the level of that delay tap, and the note is used as a parameter in a user selectable effect.
You can choose from:

bypass: a "normal" stereo rhythm-delay, like the D2.
pan: low notes make a delay tap on the left, high on the right.
filter: a lowpass: low notes dark, high notes bright
grunge: the higher the note, the more distorted the tap. (carefull, CPU-heavy!)
transpose: pitch-shifter: you can play a melody with a delay :)

Have fun with it!

I have some questions about it too:

-Is there a more elegant way to have 12 sub-patches that do the same thing?
I know I can make an abstraction, but these sub-patches are useless in other contexts, and I like having everything in one file...

-Is there a better way to do the audio-routing in the insertFX subpatch?
I want to route audio from one input to one of five outputs, depending on the value of a second input.
So basically zexy/demux but for audio.

-Sometimes a few of the delay-lines's parameters don't get updated. Anybody know why?

-I used the marvelous soundtouch~ pitch-shifter. (thanks Olli & dank je wel Katja!).
I didn't expect to be able to play melodies at all with it, because the pitch input goes from 0.25 to 2, meaning two octaves down to one octave up, and I had no idea how to map that to notes musically.
I tried % 36 for three octaves followed by normal scaling and strange enough I get output that is in tune <on most notes>!
Can anybody explain what is going on?
Who has ideas for solutions? Some other scalar? Another pitch-shifter?

-Of course any ideas on how to improve it or some of those famous PD-forum patch-remixes would be awesome!

All the best,