Good evening/day,
I am attempting to use a modified version of a sampler abstraction that originally read a file repeatedly in two instances with fade-ins/-outs so that the sound continued indefinitely. I modified it for use with live-input, and it works. However, there are always unwanted clicks whenever the array is resized. The array is immediately set to 10 sec. when the input starts,and ,after the input ends, is reduced to the length of the input (there is more noise during the second resizing).

The strange thing about this is that these clicks happen, even when there is no audio going into or out of the abstraction (as long as some kind of audio is being processed elsewhere in the patch). Apparently, Pure Data is so disturbed by these resizes that it needs to make these unwanted clicking sounds.

Is this normal? Am I over-looking something?

The patch is a little complicated, but the resizing happens right at the top. The first two arguments are only to distinguish one instance of the patch from other instances. The third and fourth are for the points of the array within which it should be read. (eg. .12 and .91 would give you most of the array, but not the very beginning and end).

If you cannot see what the problem is, I would also appreciate any alternative abstraction-suggestions which might get the job done. Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,