i got myself an old elo serial touchscreen controller. after 3days of intense try and error i got it to work great on one screen of the xinerama desktop.
i fiddled around with themes for the windowmanager. i am able to change the size of the titlebar and the buttons. the scrrollbars in the pd windows remain as they are. where can i change the width of those?
they are too narrow for the touchscreen controller.
is there f.e. some conf.d directory in pd where such things could go in?
within pd i use the knob object. i noticed that it reacts only on vertical movement.
like a slider of the same hight.
is it possible to use other directions on the screen for controls? like realy round shape, diagonal or other movements?
i use pd 0.43.4-extended-20121130 on an X61 with debian testing.