(i posted this in another part of this forum but haven't gotten a answer so maybe i put it in the wrong section, maybe i might get some answers over here.)

Hello everybody. I just joined the site today although I've known of PD for close to 2 yrs. I was only familiar with it in regards to robotic programming, not to be used with music until recently, which made me more interested in it. What I'm curious about is how I can use it for programming, for instance this:

http://www.instructables.com/id/Dancing … /?ALLSTEPS

http://www.instructables.com/id/Mechani … /?ALLSTEPS

I'm planning on combining both techniques in both tutorials but obviously following 1 for the programming, and here's a hint:

it's not the one using Arduino Uno.

Since I have the components for the circuit board in the other tutorial I wanted to know how I could program it to dance to music or respond to sound in general as well as have it controlled by a Bluetooth. I was also looking at this software and was also curious as to if it might work with my own bootleg setup or if the guy wants me to buy his controller kit to accompany it:


I sent a question a few days ago but so far no answer. Anybody here familiar with this software? Either way I'd still need to learn how to code and program so I'm going to be asking ALOT of questions y'all, sorry.