Like many I'm trying to use PD as a BandInABox on steroids.
I'm building a patch that has a GUI for inputting a chord sequence, and that outputs a song.

I've made a nice sounding one here:
but it is not generalized at all, ie it only really works for one tempo and chord sequence.

I've found a great library to form the basis of the generalized patch, but it's unsupported as of 2008, and as such doesn't really work.

What I basically need is an abstraction or external that inputs a note number or name and a chord type and that outputs the notes in that chord.

I've just started to build one (attached) but I suspect there is one out there already.

Where is it? :)

Thanks in advance for any pointers,
All the best,


PS: I feel there must be an easyer way to do what SelectScale does with the combo select, numberboxes,spigot. But how?