My name is Andrew and I run a small Software Development company. We focus our energies in the voice (audio) capture and processing area. Our primary application is in taking a recording of a person speaking and cleaning the audio signal up so that we can then send the audio file to a voice transcription service (VTT - Voice To Text. Think "Dragon Speaking" by Nuance).

We have a full fledge project team and a very talented designer. We now need a 'Developer', not a 'Programmer'. Let me try to differentiate this for clarity sake: in my definition, a Programmer is close to a designer (someone who can quickly prototype a solution, design a solution (solve a problem) and pull together a set of technologies into a single technology stack or 'system'). A DEVELOPER, in my definition, takes that prototype / design and productionizes it.

We need a developer to help move our prototypes into production. Specifically we need someone with PD and/or MAX MSP expertise, deep roots in production level applications in JAVA and WEB Services. Someone who has experienced the full life cycle of Design/Build/Test and Implement would be highly desired. Someone who has first hand experience in Digital Sound Processing applications would be a big plus.

The candidate needs to understand and work well in an environment with lots of project-centric pressures and understand the formal steps necessary in promoting software through quality gates, peer reviews, testing and be in a position to 'harden the solution' after the preliminary designs have been completed. A SOLID understanding of the technology and the ability to work at both ends of the spectrum (the Designer at one end and the End User at the other) is a mandatory skill set here.

I promise a fun, energetic, dynamic and challenging environment to work in. I also foresee this role growing significantly in the months to come.

Send me a link to your page, your CV or contact me for a call/skype/face-to-face.
My preference would be to hire someone locally in the UK (say : 100 miles +/- from London).