Hello, PD community,

I'm trying to make an interactive installation in which I need to track people location in a room, in x and y coordinates, no z needed for now. I want to get that information and send it to blender 3D in realtime. I study blender, I've never used pure data until now. I imagined using position of the IR blobs, putting IR leds on the people.

I made some research and found some sites that helped me communicate wiimote to pure data:




The two last ones teach a bridge between pure data and blender. I could not get this far yet.

I am not a programmer, I am an art student.

I am stuck at trying to make the IR and accel ( not needed for the installation) to work. I got to communicate wiimote and pure data, the buttons works fine, but not the IR nor accel.

I found an old post here with the same problem, but the solution he found did not work for me. He just changed the "report acceleration $1" to "reportAcceleration 1".

Does somebody knows what can I do? My wiimote is working fine as wmgui shows me accel and IR normally.

Thanks in advance.

Its really nice to begin to know this PD's world. Lots of art possibilities.