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OK, before grabbing the code examples, first you’ll need a few things:

Processing. I’m using Processing 2 Beta 3.
Pure Data. You’ll want the “vanilla” version, not Pd-extended. I am using Pure Data 0.43.2.
Processing Libraries. Copy these to your libraries folder; see respective sites for installation instructions.
libPd for Processing: Unpack into your Processing libraries folder
controlP5: For GUI elements
oscP5: To integrate P5 and OSC
You’ll also need an app on your mobile device capable of sending OSC messages. TouchOSC ( ) and TB Midi Stuff ( ) are popular options that will let you customize the OSC messages sent.

Once you have everything installed, run some examples included with the Processing libraries to make sure everything is working properly.

And then check out the DR-OM tutorial code that I’ve uploaded to GitHub:

Here’s what you’ll find:

Drom tutorial 1: A Processing sketch that demonstrates the basics of sending messages to your Pd patch in conjunction with the controlP5 library.
Drom tutorial 2: A Processing sketch adding OSC communication to the first tutorial using oscP5.
Drom tutorial 3: A Processing sketch for one of the synths. Export your own standalone for best performance.
A TB Midi Stuff template with the OSC controls all set up.

from Shawn Greenlee ( )

Another two tutorials if you need to compile the libraries

This is also helpful for Beads, MidiBus, Minum, OscP5, and PureDataP5