Hi all,

I've been playing with Pd for fun for over a year now, but recently started trying to use it in a real application. Using libpd, I'm trying to port a Flash/AS3 app that I created to Android and iOS. The app is a (free) sensory substitution app that is intended to help visually impaired people to "see" with their ears:


In porting to Android and iOS, I've created a Pd patch and abstraction (see attached zip file). The app basically needs 64 sine oscillators, each with a hardcoded frequency and variable volume. My questions are:

  • Is there any downside to having 64 dac~ objects instead of just one? I currently have a dac~ inside an abstraction and I have 64 copies of that abstraction.

  • Is there some more efficient way to have 64 instances of an abstraction than the method I'm using in the attached patch? (I basically just have 64 instances of it with 64 "r" objects attached to their inlets.)

  • Any other tips you might have for getting this behaviour but in a less CPU intensive way?

Thank you!