Ok, I have no idea if this can be done or not, or how the hell I'm spouse to do it, but here I go.

First of all look my print-screen.
I'm developing a project for a live music interface with a lot of different sub patches, a huge amount of options and everything controlled from 2 arduinos via bluetooth.
as you can see I have a control area, a selection patch, and few (6) different synthesisers, they with their respective effects and such.

First of all. I would like to have a central area on the screen, where I see only the synthetiser I'm using in the moment, when I change of synth, I would like to see the other one, with different colour canvas in the background would be great, I don't know If the idea it's clear. Y think a way of doing it would be to change the X and Y margins of the "synthe" patch canvas and show only what I want to see, do you get me?

If that it's even possible It would be GREAT!!!!! so, any ideas? THANKS!!!!